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oUr Story

I invited a buddy of mine to our D&D game where I was sharing my home brew with the group. Turns out he owns Deerfoot Vinyards and Winery. After a few sessions and several bottles of home brewed mead later, he convinced me to partner with his winery. Our style is very different, yet complementary, to his. So I created a brand. I convinced an my oldest friend, Russell Helms, to do the label art. It didn’t really take any convincing, we grew up playing D&D together. Russell has been fantastic to partner with to drive the vision of the Goblin Alchemy brand.

The beauty of Flavor

We love the older styles of mead making. The overly cloyingly sweet meads are just aren’t our style. We like it lighter but with more punch. I like to Have a seat with my significant other, open a bottle and know that when we are done, I shouldn’t get up and get another.

We have 5 meads under our brand, the first is our namesake “Goblin Alchemy”. Goblin Alchemy is a traditional semi-sweet, orange blossom mead. We are proud to announce Goblin Alchemy won a gold medal at the Fingerlakes International wine competition and a Bronze at the American Wine Society competition in Florida. Our second release was a blackberry mead we affectionately call “Blackberry Fairy”. The third release was a raspberry named “Dragon Heart”. For our fourth release we created an apple mead, “Siren Song”. This mead won Double Gold / Best of Show at the American Wine Society competition in Florida. The fifth in our releases is “Fiendish Pact”, a sweet red cherry and lime.

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