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We are fans and we love supporting local artists. I was at the winery making Siren Song. Of course was listening to Suicide Puppets as loud as I could get it out of that little speaker I had. It was a great day. I reached out and thanked the band for the music of the day. Turns out they were fans of Goblin Alchemy. It’s been a great pairing and given us an opportunity to support a great local band. Suicide Puppets won the Central Pennsylvania Music Awards for Best Metal Band 2019.

As part of our sponsorship we are working on a custom mead for them we call “Blood of the Familiar”.

Stricken - need to get you their updated logo

We jumped at the chance

We jumped at the chance to sponsor a Disturbed Tribute band. These guys are fantastic. We are also collaborating on a custom mead for them.




Potions, Elixirs, Libations - Drink Up

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